Sebastian Strangio is a journalist and author focusing on Southeast Asia. Since 2008, his reporting from across the region has appeared in more than 30 leading publications in the United States, Europe, and Asia.


The Diplomat
Myanmar’s Elections: What Now?

Myanmar’s Elections: What Now?

With the NLD on the brink of a landslide victory in Myanmar’s elections, attention is turning to what comes next.
Vietnam: Forty Years Later

Vietnam: Forty Years Later

Forty years after the war, it is the ideals of the former South Vietnam that appear ascendant.
A Decade After Tsunami, Scars Linger in Indonesia's Aceh

A Decade After Tsunami, Scars Linger in Indonesia’s Aceh

The region has made impressive progress on rebuilding infrastructure, but the mental scars remain.
Myanmar's Constitutional Uncertainty

Myanmar’s Constitutional Uncertainty

A massive campaign for constitutional reform has ended, with uncertain results.
Burma's Aung San Suu Kyi Fever

Burma’s Aung San Suu Kyi Fever

Burma’s democratic icon is expected to take a seat in parliament following this weekend’s by-election. But is the junta using her as a fig leaf?
Economy Key to Burma’s Democracy

Economy Key to Burma’s Democracy

Signs that Burma’s economy is opening aren’t just good news for Western firms hoping to make some money – democracy in the country could depend on it.
Occupy Wall Street Meets Dhaka

Occupy Wall Street Meets Dhaka

Occupy Wall Street protesters aren’t the only ones taking to the street over claims of corporate greed. In Bangladesh, angry investors say they’ve also been cheated by the banks.
Bangladesh's Troubling Death Squad

Bangladesh’s Troubling Death Squad

The Rapid Action Battalion has enjoyed strong public support for routinely killing alleged criminals. But is it always acting within the law?
North Korea's New Friend?

North Korea’s New Friend?

A rare visit by a North Korean official to Cambodia raises the faint prospect of more engagement with Southeast Asia. But ties with Phnom Penh are complicated.
Burma's Dead Men Walking

Burma’s Dead Men Walking

A new Human Rights Watch report details how hundreds of convicts were beaten, forced to carry supplies for the military – and clear landmines with sticks and forks.
Escaping North Korea

Escaping North Korea

The hundreds of North Koreans escaping into China each year are facing ever tougher border controls. Those caught face imprisonment and torture.
Russia's Far East forest mafia

Russia’s Far East forest mafia

With Chinese demand for hardwood rising, large swathes of forests are being illegally logged. Corruption and fear are hampering a crackdown.